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James Comey

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes, 

They worked pretty well together 25 years ago, but mob turncoat Salvatore Gravano was as surprised as the next guy – along with several former FBI agents – when he learned that fired FBI Director James Comey cited “Sammy the Bull” and argued in his tell-all book that President Trump sought the same loyalty from him that mob bosses demanded from their troops.

Nothing wrong with that, Gravano tells Gang Land.

Mr. Capeci writes,     “The country doesn’t need a bookworm as President, it needs a mob boss,” said Gravano, who famously brought down his Mafia boss, John Gotti, in 1992. That’s especially so today when the President has to deal with powerful demagogues with nuclear weapons at their command, says the 73-year-old Sammy Bull, who said his health is “much better” since he got out of prison in September.

“Truthfully speaking now,” said Gravano, “if you’re gonna deal with the guy who runs North Korea, or the people who run Iran, or the Russian president, do you want a fucking bookworm to deal with them? Or do you want a gangster? You don’t need a Harvard graduate to deal with these people. These guys are real gangsters. You need a fucking gangster to deal with these people.”

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