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The building swayed back and forth, rolling like a drunk trying to walk a straight line down the street. For a few seconds, we all held our breath on the 11th floor of the hotel in Woodland Hills. It began slowly and rose to a rhythmic crescendo. We stepped away from the windows and walked to the door. There was no telling how bad it would get it. A minute later, it ended.


Over the weekend, Netflix dropped what might be the most absurdly niche television show in recent memory. In Blown Away, 10 people compete in a glassblowing competition where only one of them can win Best in Blow. (Seriously.) There are giant tools, multiple sources of fire, a special glass refrigerator, several conversations about gender in the workplace, and one fiery feminist who is potentially cosplaying as Edna Mode from The Incredibles. 


Vincent Zito

Gang Land’s Jerry  Capeci writes, 

There’s yet another mystery development in the slaying of a Brooklyn-based Luchese crime family gangster, and this one is right out of a novel by John Grisham or John D. McDonald:  When loanshark Vincent Zito was initially found shot to death on the living room floor of his Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn home last October authorities initially thought it was a suicide.

Mr. Capeci writes,  But it didn’t take authorities long to decide that Zito was a murder victim — it’s hard to fire two bullets into your own head. They quickly focused on Anthony Pandrella, a Gambino associate and longtime friend who was captured entering and leaving Zito’s home on surveillance video. Five months later, on March 14, Pandrella was arrested for the robbery-murder of the 78-year-old loanshark.

Now another layer of intrigue has been added to the already fascinatingly complicated case. Gang Land has learned that just four days before his death, the aging gangster wrote a new will, one that that ignored the son he was living with at the time of his death. In Zito’s Last Will & Testament, dated October 22, 2018, he left his entire estate to his two daughters.  Gang Land NEWS