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    Some  guys  get  their  start in  the  mob busting  knee caps, while others  whacked-out some  mutt in a carport,— but  Tony “Toothless Tony”  Sposado  busted  his mob cherry  lugging coca cola cases –and stocking  up  vending  machines for a Los Angeles  Mob  associate   named  Mike  Marquese.. 

    ..Mike’s  vending  business was also a   legitimate front for his bust-out scams and drug  deals., The place  was also a  haven  for  hoods and swindlers .. –who  urged  Sposado to  start   pushing   drugs and  pulling  a  few  minor  mob scams. He  did,  and  he  was going  great  guns, and  making  big bucks    until  he palled  up  with a punch drunk palooka named Ronnie  Rome  Although  he  didn’t  look  it,   Rome was  a  street  savvy  swindler  and  he convinced Sposado  to invest all  his  money   in  a  vending   business and then  he robbed  him  blind  . A broke  Sposado went back  to  dealing  drugs and  got  busted ,  He did  a long stretch in the  slammer  and  came  out a useless  and  toothless  busted  suitcase.

    Another True Hollywood Story   


    Pete  the Greek Diapoulas  was  Mobster, Joey Gallo’s  bodyguard . . Pete  was sitting  with “Crazy  Joey” when  he was shot to shreds in Umberto’s Clam House. Years later  the Greek was  doing a show  with Mob sluggers, Jimmy Fratianno ,and Anthony  Fiato.  While sitting  in the green room,  Pete  had Fratianno and Fiato  busting-a-gut  with a Gallo Gang story  .Seems the gang was  shaking  down a  restaurant  up  in  the Bronx, and  the stubborn owner wouldn’t  play ball with  the bad  guys  from Brooklyn..”Crazy Joey” had the Greek  get a  dozen  hamsters and  dye  them all  black so they looked  like rats.. Gallo sent  three  gang members into  the joint  during  the dinner  hour and turned the so-called rats loose in  the place. Women screamed, and  jumped  up on  the tables  , waiters  dropped their  trays,  others chocked on  their  food, the  place was a mad house The next  day  the hump  paid Joey  to  get  rid  of  his rat  problem. When  the  Greek left  to  take a leak , Fratianno  said  to Fiato, ” anyone  who  hires  this fuck’en bum  for a bodyguard , ‘is committing  suicide.
    . Another true Hollywood Story

    Connecticut's Cosa Nostra Chaos - The New York Mafia
    Although  his  Mob bosses  were  based  in  the  Big Apple,  Gambino-‘made-mobster,  Guido  “The Bull”  Penosi, preferred  running  his  mob  business   from Mirabelle’s   restaurant, located  on  Hollywood’s, Sunset Strip. Penosi operated low-key, and  lone-wolf-like –while  he  brokered  big-league drug  deals.-– extorted  entertainers — and  committed  countless  other. crimes..
    FB.I  agent’s  accurately  pegged  Penosi  as a  man who got-things-done.  The “Bull” was a cash-cow   for  his east  coast  Capo’s — but  he had  never given as  much  as  a  crumb to  the  Los Angeles  mob in  the way  of tribute.. That changed when  he  cut  Milano slugger   Anthony   Fiato,  in for a big piece of his “sky-is-the-limit”. poker game  that was located in a ritzy  Sunset Strip high-rise .. As L.A…Mafia boss Pete Milano was counting his end from the poker game an F.B.I .bug picked up Milano praising Fiato to capo Louie Gelfuso saying , ” finally someone knows how to get things done the right way in this Family” –Anthony is  worth  ten  men.”




    Hollywood goodfella

    Puggy Zeichick bankrolled a seven figure juice loan operation that was backed by Anthony Fiato’s Mafia muscle. Fiato and Zeichick incorporated all the top west coast Jewish bookies into their crime syndicate. Law enforcement referred to Anthony Fiato and Puggy Zeichick as the West Coast Luciano and Lansky

    The two Los Angeles Mobsters had over two million dollars in juice loans on the street. The intrest rate was a hefty 10 percent weekly– until the principle was paid in full

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