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Daily Archives: August 23rd, 2008

Robert Mitchum was a legitimate tough guy.. His macho mannerisms were a templet for Hoodlums everywhere ..They copied his swaggering walk, hell, others even smoked their cigarettes like him. .Mitchum’s machismo didn’t only extend to the silver screen, he became double-tough as a result of many bouts of barroom brawling. Mitchum regularly caught the Friday night fight card at the Olympic auditorium with his friend, mobster, Anthony “the Animal “Fiato . Mitchum and Anthony Fiato were both boxing buffs.. They would go toe-to-toe for hours calling each others favorite fighter a bum , or tomato can.. Fiato says Mitchum’s love for boxing can best be described by this Quote from the  Kirk Douglas boxing movie “The Champion”.. ” Hell , I’m a sucker, I just cant help watching a couple of good boys in action”
another true hollywood story