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Monthly Archives: August 2008


Carmen “Flipper” Milano was a balding pot bellied slob. He looked more like a down-at-the-heel hobo than a high-level Mafia member. He was  dead broke,- and  just  disbarred  from a dismal law practice.– when he got the  not-so -bright idea to  tie  up with his older brother Pete — who was the new boss  of  the L. A..Mafia  . Pete slipped  Flipper into  the  second  slot as  his  Under boss –which in  the L.A.mob , was the  equivalent  to  slipping into the  second  spot in a  soup  line… Pete used  Flipper as  a go-between, him, and  other  Mafiosi ..  Flipper became  the  target of  all  the  heat meant  for  Pete. , Flipper’s  mob career  mirrored  his  calamitous career in law.   The FBI   busted a gut  when  they picked  up Flipper  on a wire  tap mooching  a double saw-buck off  of another crumb-bum,  Capo, Louis Gelfuso ,  who was  broker than he was 
 another true hollywood story—-
Anthony  the Animal Fiato