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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2008

Meet  Dominic  Montemarano, a/k/a “Donnie Shacks” . Shacks  is a  capo  in  the  Colombo crime family and he  moonlights as an actor.  Some say  Donnie  got his  acting experience when he  went on mob hits  disguised  in  drag

Speaking of  hits, Donnie is quite  a  hit with the ladies. He hits the hell  out of  most of  them. His. last girlfriend called  the coppers on the creep after he beat the bejesus out of  her.  Shacks  ended  up locked down in the slammer over the  incident.

Seems Donnie went ballistic  when the chick  brought up his   acting debut  in , dare I say, a movie, called  “Night at  the Golden Eagle”   Most of Shacks   mafia  cohorts  were saying “This Thing  of  Ours” is really over”, after   they saw  Donnie   had gone Hollywood on them and acted  in the  flick.   Maybe if  the movie hadn’t  resembled a  train wreck, they  might have cut Donnie some slack.

From the very start,  the flick  flat lined like a heart monitor on a dead man.   Shacks   came off  like a  slapstick stooge in the dramatic scenes  . One of  his old friends  who saw the flick  was overheard saying,” Oy, vay, ”  Donnie did  to acting  what he  did  to  the guys he clipped

Anthony  Fiato