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Monthly Archives: January 2009


chris_paciello  Chris Paciello

bukger Whitey Bulger


Facing  30-years in  the slammer, top  New Jersey Mafia leader , Anthony”Tumac” Accetturo  decided to  defect from the  ranks of  the Mob, and  join the regal roster of  Ratfella’s.. 

               Included  on the big league  honor roll  of  renowned Ratfellas and  majestic murderers are .Whitey Bulger, Stevie “The Rifleman” Flemmi,  Frank “Cadillac” Salemme,  Johnny “I’m no  rat” Martorano,  Sammy”The Bull” Gravano , and yours truly is given.

. . Oh, by the way,. Lucky Luciano was  also a  Ratfella. He cooperated with the Feds  to get out of a drug trafficking  beef with “Uncle Sugar”/Sam. 

      Lucky also set up Vito Genovese to take a  fall with the Feds

                    The. two-dollar snitches are hardly ever mentioned.  They are doomed to dwell in the minor  leagues as mice.

        You know,  the street stoolies, and the low level  cheese eaters like cute cupcake Chris Paciello. Big Ratfella  Whitey Bulger would bugger Chis in a nanosecond.

This is funny and Ironic       

                    I was sitting at a mob meet in the Sportsman’s Lodge on Ventura boulavard in Sherman  Oaks with Mobster’s, Anthony “Tumac,” and   Mike “Rizzi” Rizzitello.

            “Rizzi”  was saying they could never make enough  bullets to kill  all  the rats in LA.

                  Then  “Tumac” started  bragging how his crew  whacked out a battalion of canaries in New Jersey. “Tumac”  got lucky  when  they  missed  him..



       Anthony  Fiato