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Monthly Archives: February 2009


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Mob turncoat John Alite said today that he and a Gambino hit man had planned to whack John “Junior” Gotti because he “didn’t trust” the acting boss any longer.
                Alite – who again took center stage at the trial of hit man Charles Carneglia – recounted his life of crime to a jury inside Brooklyn federal court as mob matriarch Victoria Gotti Sr. stood in the back of the courtroom intensely glaring at him.
        Alite had testified on Monday that he ran a massive drug trafficking ring in Queens for Gotti and that he was “fooling around” with sister Victoria.
                During his bombshell testimony this afternoon, Alite said he and Carneglia had once planned to put a hit on Gotti in 1993.
Alite said that he had become disillusioned with Gotti’s leadership.
“I didn’t like how John was talking to me,” he said.
            Although the hit never went beyond mere chatter, Alite said he “didn’t trust” Gotti – and eventually decided to help the feds prosecute the former Gambino acting boss in 2007.
“When you have a bad marriage, you stay married. That was me and John,” he said. “There was no divorce.”
Earlier in the day, Victoria Gotti Sr. stared Alite down as he testified in the most bizarre moment of the Carneglia trial.
Gotti did not sit down when she entered the courtroom. Instead, she stood near the door and glared at Alite.
The matriarch’s dramatic appearance came a day after Alite testified that he had an affair with Gotti’s daughter Victoria.
 “He’s an insect,” she told reporters during a break.
            Gotti also called Alite a “liar and a serial killer.”
“My daughter would never go near [him],” she added