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Daily Archives: April 3rd, 2009


Friars  Club



Mike ” Rizzi”  Rizzitello


Anthony “Tony The Animal” Fiato



Walter  Matthau

In the sixties, the Beverly Hills Friars club was a cash cow for major-league wiseguy Johnny Roselli. Johnny and his crew of card cheats milked the joint for a bundle of bucks. Years later. the club was still  full of fat-cat entertainers, and Hollywood celebrities, who  loved  to gamble on sports.
BIG ACTORS  like the late Walter Matthau, and Get Smart, star, Don Adams, wouldn’t think twice about betting ten grand on a football game.Through the years, the Friars Club resident bookies have always gotten rich off the losers
 In 1980 Bobby Craig was the in-house-bookie, and he was making money hand over fist.The greedy mutt didn’t want to share the wealth with Capo Mike (Rizzi) Rizzitello. I pushed Bobby down a flight of stairs in the Friars Club, and then he coughed up the cash, two grand a week rent.
 Next was an ex Brooklyn copper named Al Lazaar.  Al took over the bookie action at the Friars Club when Bobby Craig died. We moved on Brooklyn Al too.  Mike Hammer actor , Stacy Keach, was taking action up the Friars too.  I went to Stacy’s wedding in Malibu so I gave him a pass for a while.  Anthony Fiato