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Daily Archives: April 4th, 2009

AFD 173138

Anthony Rampino.

The roach wants out.

Ailing mobster Anthony Tony Roach Rampino, a reputed hit man for the late Dapper Don John Gotti took a shot Friday at getting sprung from his 25-to-life prison sentence for heroin trafficking.

A lawyer for the gangster told a Manhattan judge that Rampino is in poor health and should be resentenced under changes to the Rockefeller-era drug laws.
Rampino, who suffers from heart and respiratory problems, has served more than 21 years for his 1987 conviction.
“I’m just asking that this court resentence him to [what] he would get if he had committed this crime today, which is 20 years,” lawyer Michelle Fox said
Rampino, now 70, fingered as a backup shooter in the 1985 rubout of mob boss Paul Castellano, appeared at the hearing via a video feed, rocking back and forth in his wheelchair.
Prosecutor Eric Seidsaid Rampino’s health won’t make him go straight.   
“He might not be able to go out and commit a truck hijacking, but he certainly can conspire to commit crimes,” he said
Justice Arlene Goldberg reserved decision on Rampino’s bid for freedom           thanks     Joe Mrtinez