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Daily Archives: April 13th, 2009


Nicky Bianco  

Meet  Nicholas Bianco aka “Nicky” aka ” Nicky B”    Nicky Bianco was a Gallo Gang shooter before he became a member of  the Patriarca Crime Family
          Nicky was like Joey Gallo, he was a warrior..His ethos was.”I was born a man, I will die a man”.   Unlike the flamboyant Crazy Joey, Nicky was low-key, and level headed.
         In a finger snap, he would kill for Raymond “RayPat” Patriarca Sr. Raymond loved his composure, and courage, and he moved Nicky up the leader ladder  to a spot in the Patriarca high command.  Nicky was  Raymond’s  acting boss while he was in the slammer
I knew Nicky and I will go into greater detail in my new book .   But here is a tasty tidbit
Nicky had a ton of heat on him from a beef he had in Providence.. He  went west to Hollywood to hide out until things cooled off back home.  Nicky stayed with a friend of  mine. .While he was with my  pal, he knifed a guy .  I had occasion  to meet with Nicky years later. . I mentioned this incident to Nicky,
 and it knocked him for a loop….   Anthony Fiato