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Daily Archives: April 16th, 2009


Peter Gotti

Looks like  Peter will be in jail until his dying day.
A federal judge Wednesday shot down the former crime boss’ latest attempt to overturn his 2004 conviction for ordering a hit on mob rat Salvatore (Sammy Bull Gravano
Manhattan Judge Harold Baer shrugged off the so-called Dopey Don’s claims that prosecutors violated his rights by withholding details of a conversation between Gravano and his FBIsupervisor Bruce Mouw
“The fly in the ointment is the failure on [Gotti’s] part to explain how the fact of an allegedly ongoing relationship between Gravano and Mouw could have impeached Mouw’s credibility,” Baer wrote
“Gravano did not testify at the trial and apparently his only role at the trial was as the target that [Gotti] had directed to be killed,” Baer added.
Baer said Gotti’s lawyers could have simply read media accounts of the recorded conversations between Mouw and Gravano.
Gotti, 69 and in poor health, was sentenced to 25 years for ordering a hit on Gravano – who was nabbed in a drug bust before it could happen
Gotti already had begun serving a nine-year sentence on a Brooklyn racketeering conviction, and together with the 25-year term he began serving in 2005, he won’t be eligible for release until 2032, when he would be 92.

thanks  Thomas Zambito