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Daily Archives: April 28th, 2009




Toto  Riina

Sicilian mafia bosses Bernardo Provenzano and Toto Riina, already serving jail time, have been given new life sentences over a 1969 massacre that left six mafiosi dead, ANSA news agency reported.

Provenzano, 76, and Riina, 78, were accused of being part of a commando that dressed up as police officers to kill their rivals in the office of a real estate firm, a shooting that was dubbed the “Viale Lazio Massacre,” ANSA said.

A court in Palermo sentenced the two men, the only surviving members of the commando, to life in prison for the massacre that took place in the Sicilian city.

Riina, nicknamed “The Beast,” led the Cosa Nostra until his arrest in January 1993. He has been given some 15 life sentences.

His successor, Provenzano, was detained in 2006 after more than 40 years on the run. He has been handed a dozen life sentences.

These Sicilian  Mafioso’s  that  come over from  the other side and operate here,  get shook down just  like everyone else , and  have to pay rent to their landlords, the American Mafia .

Anthony “The Animal ” Fiato