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Monthly Archives: May 2009

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Frank Cali
Giovanni Gambino
Reputed capo Frank Cali,   a supposed rising star in the Gambino crime Familty is the target of the feds who are trying to crash and burn his crime career that is linked to powerful Mafia syndicates in Italy.
 Cali recently completed a 16-month sentence for extortion on a NASCAR speedway project in Staten Island. Now the feds have tightened the leash on his supervised release to bar him from meeting with members the Sicilian Mafia.
Cali, who was born in Sicily, is related by marriage to members of the Inzerillo crime family from Palermo.
His uncle Giovanni Gambino – the nephew of late boss Carlo Gambino, for whom the crime family is named – was recently elevated to the family’s ruling panel, according to court papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.
The feds demanded that Cali avoid contact with his uncle except at weddings or holiday celebrations approved in advance by his probation officer.
Myself and Capo Mike ( Mike Rizzi) Rizzitello  did  the enforcing for the Gambino Crime Family in Los Angeles. We corralled many fence jumpers for them and other New York Mob families.
Anthony Fiato, “The Animal