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Daily Archives: June 22nd, 2009

Don of donuts

Carmen   DiNunzio 

“When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool, that’s amore!”

The late Dean Martin is unavailable to croon for the reception band, but reputed Boston Mafia godfather Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio has been shot by Cupid’s arrow and is engaged to be married, the Herald has learned.

A source confirms DiNunzio, 51, who has shed some 75 pounds since being placed on house arrest in East Boston more than a year ago, plans to wed Denise Spagnuolo, 53, of the North End.
It was unclear yesterday how the romance bloomed, given DiNunzio’s commitment to a GPS bracelet.

The blushing bride hung up on a reporter who called to offer congratulations.


Her groom-to-be’s attorney declined comment.

DiNunzio has asked a U.S. District Court judge to let him go to dinner in style tonight for a belated Father’s Day celebration at a restaurant approved by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and pretrial services.

In a promising sign of male bonding, the guest list includes Spagnuolo’s sons, Joseph and Caesar.

The honeymoon, however, may have to be put on ice.


DiNunzio faces state extortion and gambling charges in Essex County and is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 19 on federal charges that he bribed an undercover FBI agent posing as a Massachusetts Highway inspector $10,000 in 2006 to purchase 300,000 yards of untested loam for the Big Dig for $6 million.

In addition to being the alleged underboss of the New England La Cosa Nostra, DiNunzio owns the North End’s “Fresh Cheese” shop.

Last summer, when DiNunzio’s weight hit 400 pounds, the federal court agreed to grant him 60 minutes of freedom each day to join a gym or go walking.

DiNunzio’s doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital said he had diabetes and was at risk of heart failure if he didn’t slim down.


EDGE says
Love will find a way.
SimianFromBU says.
Bridesmaids will be wearing a tasteful knee length dress and tangerine coloured pumps that will augment but not overshadow the Grooms orange prison jumpsuit. The wedding will be a backyard affair, catered by the Cheesecake Factory. Honeymoon in Chelsea. Salud!
Leave the gun, take the connolis.
Gaddy says
So the cheeseman is now slimmer than Howie Carr?!
ratatat says
hide the salami
Commonsense813  says
The Cheeseman: A wannabe, the best of a bad lot, a true back bencher in the time of real wiseguys. This reminds me of the heavyweight division in boxing after Ali, Frazier and Foreman left. No one with any real talent, just a lot of wannabees jostling for the top. Then again there’s nothing left to fight over anyway, so what’s the attraction.
Anthony Fiato says 
You fat F—k-, you lost weight, now gain some brain cells and give up being a low-life.