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Daily Archives: July 1st, 2009


Debra Davis


  degenerate   Stephen  “The Rifleman”  Flemmi

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 Kevin Weeks    

BOSTON —A former top associate of fugitive mobster James “Whitey” Bulger coolly detailed Bulger’s role in multiple murders as testimony began today in wrongful death lawsuits brought against the FBI by families of three alleged victims.

The families of Deborah Hussey, Debra Davis and Louis Litif say the FBI is responsible for their deaths because it protected and failed to control Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, who were informants against the Mafia.

In opening statements, a Justice Department lawyer said the FBI did not know. Bulger and Flemmi planned the killings and cannot be held liable in their deaths.

But lawyers for the victims’ families said the FBI knew Bulger and Flemmi had committed multiple murders and it was foreseeable that they would kill others.

Former Bulger associate Kevin Weeks described in gruesome detail how Bulger and Flemmi killed Davis, who was Flemmi’s girlfriend, and Hussey, who was the daughter of his common law wife, Marion Hussey.

Flemmi told investigators they killed Hussey in 1985 because she told her mother he had been molesting her.

Weeks said he watched as Bulger and Flemmi strangled the 26-year-old in a house in South Boston. He said he heard a thump as he came down the stairs and then saw Bulger choking Hussey.

After a few minutes, Bulger said the woman was dead. But Flemmi said she was still breathing and then put a clothesline around her neck, stuck a stick through it, and finished strangling her, Weeks said.

“She wasn’t struggling,” Weeks said. “She was just dying.”

Justice Department lawyer Lawrence Eiser said Hussey’s mother, Marion, had lived with Flemmi in a mansion and was supported by his “blood money” for 30 years.

“She protected, nurtured (Flemmi). She washed his clothes after he cut the teeth out of all these people, and she’s going to blame the FBI?” he said, referring to Flemmi’s admission that he removed the teeth of the people he killed so they could not be identified.

“You can’t hold the government liable for failing to arrest somebody,” Eiser said.

Weeks testified Bulger described how he and Flemmi killed Davis in 1981 because Flemmi believed the woman was going to leave him for another man.

Weeks said he was told by Bulger that Davis was taken to the basement, duct taped and strangled.

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Mikes two cents says
Since when is it the responsibility of the FBI to protect mobsters against mobsters, or the people who run with them? This would be like Ruth Madoff and her sons blaming the SEC for not looking out for their money
leaselee says
It’s time for the Government to take responsibility for the corrupt agents in the FBI who protected Jimmy and Stevie. Settle up with these people so everyone can move on.
Jackblack2 says
You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. This girl and her family knew exactly what was going on. The financial loss they’re suing for is the loss of Flemmi’s monthly support money to them when they were together. It was no secret then who Flemmi or Bulger was or what they did. Why should the government be repsonsible for those murdered when those murdered profited greatly from the money they made. Just because the robbed Bulger or Flemmi and where murdered they have to sue? That’s like being fired and suing the company that fired you. Bottom line, those murdered knew who they were running with and dating and knew the consquences.