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Daily Archives: July 7th, 2009


Deborah Hussey,  Laurel J  Sweet


  Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi

A retired state police captain who spent six years looking for the missing daughter of a mobster’s flame said yesterday he kept his search a secret for fear dirty cops would tip off the gangsters who had killed the moll’s kid.

“It was very difficult in those times to trust anyone in law enforcement from the FBI on down,” Joseph Saccardo – testifying in the wrongful-death cases of three people murdered by James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi – said of the personal probe he conducted from 1985 to 1991.


The remains of Deborah Hussey, 27, were found in a mass mob grave next to the Southeast Expressway in 2000, 15 years after Bulger and Flemmi strangled her with a rope for dropping their terror-invoking names around town.
Saccardo’s friend Marion Hussey, with whom Flemmi lived while molesting Deborah as a teen, sat rocking yesterday in U.S. District Court in a topaz-blue pantsuit

Her ex-husband Tom Hussey, Deborah’s father, kept to himself, clutching a manila envelope of treasured family photos.

Loved ones of victims Debra Davis and Louis Litif were also on hand at the bench trial, now in its second week. The families are seeking financial reparations from the U.S. Department of Justice for the FBI’s failure to rein in the deadly duo.

Flemmi, 74, who is serving life for his part in 10 executions while Bulger, 79, presumably enjoys his 14th year of life on the lam, is expected to testify Thursday in graphic detail for the first time as to how Hussey and Davis, another Flemmi lover, were tortured to death

But there was one truth about Flemmi Saccardo dared not leave to chance: “Knowing who Marion was living with and who he was – Stephen Flemmi,” he said, “it became a well-known fact that he had friends in law enforcement.”
Hoop Fan says
It seems that so many in law enforcement knew of the misdeeds that Flemmi and Bulger were upto but no one could stop them.Hopefully the families can get some peace after all these years.
robjoyce1  says
A joke these guys roamed the streets and everyone knew what they were doing. some of the cops should be doing time too. As for Bulger well he is laughing his *** off some place in a beautiful island.
Comensense813 says
A rat, is a rat, is a rat. These two were the epitomy of guys who couldn’t compete on balls and brains alone. They had to turn to ratting to climb the ladder. I hope these families get millions. Good Luck!!! Anyone who still idolizes these two should be whacked!!! That’s right I said it!!!!
nadiam says
and Mommie Dearest sits in court, so bereaved…where was she when her daughter needed her to STAY AWAY from the dregs of the earth? When her daughter was being molested by a monster? (Oh, she probably wasn’t aware of it, huh?!) She traded her daughter’s life in for a good (high) time, lotsa money and mob moll status…she should be tried for her daughter’s death,
nolasenolicense  response to nadiam
Those were my thoughts exactly. Mrs. Hussey handed her daughter over to that moron. She doesn’t deserve a dime. She deserves prison for setting her daughter up. Pathetic!
Woodstein  says
You’re right Ctown. Flemmi sounds like a real winner. Funny thing about this is the fact Bulger, Flemmi (and Weeks and Martorano) are known to enjoy “packing the fudge” on unwilling victims. They were as much a band of sexual predators as they were about crime. Their families must beam with pride.
Anthony Fiato response to woodstein 
Woodstein,  spoken like “Einstein