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Daily Archives: July 8th, 2009

Fatso Di Nunzio

Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio   

Lt. Stephen Johnson of the Massachusetts State Police, special services unit, confirmed today that a new gangster has supplanted Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio as godfather as the Boston mafia.

DiNunzio, 51, pleaded guilty in Salem Superior Court to extortion and gaming charges as part of a joint state and federal sentencing agreement. He’ll serve six years in a federal prison starting in September.


Johnson declined to say who is now in charge of the mob in Boston.

Despite busting up a widespread bookmaking operation north of Boston and putting DiNunzio away, Johnson said, “it’s just a drop in the bucket,” adding that the mafia is alive and well in Boston.

DiNunzio will be sentenced in federal court Sept. 24 on charges he attempted to bribe a Big Dig official over a dirt deal. He will be sentenced Sept. 25 in Salem.

DiNunzio was facing up to 52 years behind bars.

DiNunzio left court without commenting.

DiNunzio’s longtime attorney, Anthony Cardinale, said his client is “anxious to get on with the next phase of his life,” while adding that he’s concerned about his health problems, including diabetes.

Cardinale said the federal case was “particularly troubling” because his client was caught on tape.

“There was not much we could do,” he said. “Viewing both of them together it was our decision to make the best deal we could.”

Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said state police spent many years on the investigation  









JPR 44 says   Way to sock it to him judge. Facing 50 years and cops a plea for 6? He’ll be out in 2 no doubt. They couldn’t get Al Capone on murder and racketeering so they got inventive and hit him with tax evasion to put him away. You had this guy on tape and let him off. That is what’s wrong with this state and country. We are too willing to cut deals with career criminals than to spend the extra time and money to prosecute and put them away for good.


What Revere Octogenarian is going to step up and take the plunge?Who wants it bad enuff to take the reigns? LOL ,this guy is as much as an underboss as I am but the Feds need to justify their lofty budget by coming up with something…If I were Mali Limone or Joe Salvati I’d be hiding out on Thatchers Island because someones got their eyes on you 2 men already and the Govt needs some of those millions back after they got caught framing you both…Wheres Artie Gianelli? another deadbeat bookmaker who dont pay his guys when they win. Wheres Joey Y(not the kid), it looks like its yours if you want it Joe because Vinny Ferrara is happily married and loves being free unless those goombahs in Medford have stopped doing coke long enuff to come up for air….They have stopped coke but man they love the H now… You want answers to this story ask Lt Duffy of the Mass State Police who runs the Boston show, he’s always been honest with us before the raids came down on our poker machines
How do they fit this fat tub of sh** into a cell?
Anthony Fiato’s  response  to Kodacmoment
  in a long, drawn-out yell , Sooey, Sooey