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Daily Archives: July 8th, 2009


John “Junior” Gotti wants the feds to put up or shut up about claims he made lifelong friends pay him mob tribute.

In court papers yesterday, the Gambino family heir challenged prosecutors to “provide a law-enforcement agent to appear and testify” about the alleged extortion at Gotti’s bail hearing today.

Defense lawyers Charles Carnesi and John Meringolo said the federal government “never conducted an adequate investigation into these alleged crimes and has failed to interview these individuals, despite claiming they had been victim-ized.”

As proof, the defense said Gotti pals and alleged victims Anthony Amoroso and Steven Kaplan both “indicated that the government’s claims are categorically false and untrue.”

In a separate filing late yesterday, Manhattan federal prosecutors said an informant secretly recorded Peter Gotti, brother of the late Gambino boss John, in 2007. Peter complained in 2007 that his cousin Junior refused to renegotiate an “extortionate loan” carrying a weekly interest rate greater than 2 percent.


nyc_eyes wrote      I’d like to bust Gotti across the face with a monkey wrench just for the he11 of it. WoW! that makes me one of them ! fughettaboutit.

da troof wrote:  
execute them all. this is still high crime, and leads to murder
billinsd wrote: 
The reason Im PRO mafia and anti government is because the Mafia is far more efficient than the Government
BOTH charge protection
Anthony Fiato  response  to  Billinsd.   I agree,   the  G  doesn’t drive a spike through  your  hand to  get  slow payers  to speed  up  No excuse is acceptable to  the Mob.  Now that is  a heap  more efficient and effective  than “Uncle Sugar”
  Anthony “The Animal”  Fiato



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