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Daily Archives: July 9th, 2009


Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi      writes Laurel J. Sweet

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, the monstrous partner in murder of fugitive South Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger, made a rare court appearance today – disturbingly, on behalf of two young beauties he bedded, then tortured to death.

Called to testify in U.S. District Court Boston in their families’ wrongful-death actions against the FBI, the graying gangster, now 74, is serving life for 10 executions, including the grisly killings of ex-lover Debra Davis, 26, in 1981, and in 1985, Deborah Hussey, 27, the daughter of Flemmi’s moll Marion Hussey.

Attorneys for the victims are questioning Flemmi about his relationship with the FBI.

Wearing a casual shirt and a windbreaker, Flemmi bristled this morning on the stand at the use of the word “informant” to describe his relationship with late-FBI agent Paul Rico.

This was a survival situation. It’s not like I would hear something and go running to (Rico) with it,” Flemmi said, when questioned by Michael J. Heineman, an attorney for Davis’ estate. “He was giving me information about people who wanted to kill me and my friends.”

Heineman also asked Flemmi about his role in a May 4, 1964 murder at a bar, which Flemmi testified that he witnessed, but did not commit. He testified that he later torched the bar “to eliminate the blood.”

“There was too much to clean up,” Flemmi said this morning.

Testifying in 2006 in the wrongful-death case of 1984 gangland victim John McIntyre of Quincy, Flemmi said he helped Bulger strangle Davis to death because she knew too much about the mobsters’ line-crossing chumminess with the G-men entrusted to keep them under their thumbs.

Davis’ relatives suspect it was because he found out the Farrah Fawcett ringer was ditching him for another man.

The bench trial is now in its fifth day of testimony.Bulger, charged with 19 murders, has been on the run for 14 years.

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Dontcarewatuthin says 

Where’s Howie  Carr? Why isn’t he reporting on this? Is he checking for flooding in the basement of his Wellesley manse?
JackBlack1  says 
The families didn’t mind when Flemmi was paying for their homes, buying furs for the girls giving them coke when then wanted, along with lavish trips, jewelry etc. But now that the money train has stopped they’re angry? The families knew right from the start who Flemmi was and already suspect for murders but they did squat to stop Davis from seeing him. As for the Farrah remark she did NOT look like her, just because of one good picture? Oh btw I remember the sister of Davis coming close to having an innocent man murdered because she didn’t like his reponse when she propositioned him. Yeah great family, they shouldn’t get one cent.
robin160 says 
Word was out that one of these two poor woman was attracted to men who were a little too dark for Bulger and Flemmi.
Ellen says 
Why do women think these men are a catch is beyond my comprehension
Roper says 
Why Bulger and Flemmi would associate with broads who were in to coke is beyond comprehension – especially if you’re in the crime business. Broads on coke is like truth serum.