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Daily Archives: July 11th, 2009


Sister Teresa Fitzgerald leaving Federal Court in Brooklyn.

Not even a Catholic nun asking a judge for mercy could save a reputed  Colombo family  capo from getting slammed with a 10-year jail sentence on Friday.

The weepy wiseguy cried a river, blamed the victims for provoking the attack and claimed he was brandishing only a BB gun in the beatdown.

Michael Uvino, convicted of brutally assaulting two men who robbed his Long Island social club, tried mightily to persuade Brooklyn Federal Judge Jack Weinstein to go easy on him.

“I’ve had many sleepless nights replaying that fateful day,” Uvino said, wiping tears from his eyes.
Sister Teresa Fitzgerald, who runs a charity that cares for the children of jailed women, told the judge that
 Uvino organized Christmas parties and fund-raisers.
Outside court, Fitzgerald acknowledged she had been unaware the defendant was a reputed Mafioso.

Asked if she would have spoken on Uvino’s behalf if she’d known of his ties, Fitzgerald said she wasn’t sure, but added, “I also believe people can change.”

The judge didn’t share that view.

“He swore to be a member of the Mafia for his lifetime, and I’m convinced, as the government suggests, that he’ll go back and work for this gang,” Weinstein said.

Uvino, 43, was facing 6-1/2 years under sentencing guidelines, but the judge upped the prison time because of his leadership position.

Carmine Uvino, the defendant’s ex-cop father, stormed out of the courtroom, calling the lead FBI agent  a “snotnose” and wishing cancer on him    thanks thanks John Marzulli


Lenny T says
Yuck! Throw the nun a few bucks and she’ll testify for the thug like a trained seal barking for fish. Seen it before. No wonder Pope Benedict wants to re-assess the way American nuns are conducting themselves in this country. She should have been in church praying for ALL the victims of the Colombo family – not in court testifying that this knucklehead is really a sweetie-pie. It also looks like this thug’s ex-cop(!) father lost his moral bearings as well. I wonder how good a cop he really was. Whatta bunch!!!
M Right says This ‘nun’ made a mockery of her station in life. Sweetie, get yourself into the nearest confessional ASAP, then get back to doing what your vows stipulated … and it was NOT defending convicted felons!
Sea Chart Says  Shows you that organized religion ain’t far from organized crime ,it’s a business. The” Mafia “do go to church in Italy ,it’s part of the strangeness of belief.
Anthony Fiato says,  the crybaby capo  needed   a Nun,    but  the  guys  he beat  to a  bloody pulp  needed a priest..