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*Jul 07 - 00:05*

 undated photo of  Michael (Mikey Cigars) Coppola

New Jersey man testified Thursday that a sexy romp with his girlfriend 32 years ago ended with a bang – a Mafia rubout right outside their motel room door.

The defense team for reputed Genovese capo Michael (Mikey Cigars) Coppola tracked down the man to undermine a mob turncoat’s claim that there was conversation between the gunman and the victim before bullets started flying on Easter Sunday 1977
Former Luchese crime soldier Thomas Ricciardi has testified that Coppola told him that John (Johnny Coca Cola) Lardiere cracked, “What are you going to do now, tough guy?” after Coppola’s gun jammed.
That’s not the way it went down, said Raymond Zychlinski
“I heard a car casually pulling up, then a few seconds later I heard a man start to scream,” Zychlinski, 53, said in Brooklyn Federal Court. “It was a horrible scream like I never heard in my life. Like he knew he was going to be killed.”
When shots rang out, Zychlinksi pulled his girlfriend Ann Marie out of the bed in case any stray rounds flew into the ground-floor love nest.  thanks  Thanks John Marzulli
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