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Daily Archives: July 20th, 2009

Vinny Gorgeous

Vincent Basciano

 Mobster Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano is threatening to play lawyer at his own death penalty murder trial – possibly cross-examining his ex-boss turned mob rat, fallen Bonanno chieftain Joseph Massino.

The truth-is-stranger-than-fiction twist could pit the two Mafia heavyweights against each other in a Brooklyn federal courtroom in October.

Basciano, already imprisoned for life on a separate murder conviction, insists he’s not bluffing about representing himself.

“It’s not a threat your honor,” Basciano told Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis, according to a transcript filed last week.

The flamboyant mob thug is trying to force Garaufis to reinstate a fourth lawyer to his defense team. His lawyers, paid for with tax dollars because Basciano says he’s broke, have already cost $1.7 million.

The judge hasn’t balked. “I’m not going to make my decisions based upon some veiled threat,” Garaufis said.

Basciano is accused of murdering a mob associate and plotting to kill Bonanno-buster prosecutor Greg Andres. He’s also suspected of drawing up a hit list naming Garaufis and several turncoats as targets

He faces the death penalty if convicted of the murder.

Basciano appears to be ripping pages from the playbook of jailed-for-life Colombo boss Carmine (The Snake) Persico, who represented himself at his 1986 trial and allegedly put out a hit on prosecutor William Aronwald. The hapless death squad staked out the wrong address and wound up killing the prosecutor’s 79-year-old dad, George, an administrative law judge.

Key evidence against Basciano is a conversation between him and Massino in jail – secretly recorded after Massino became the highest-ranking active New York mob chieftain to flip

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CrizzG   these miserable rat b@ast@rds make me sick. don’t take a blood oath of brotherhood, family and honor and then turn around in court and take an oath to betray people who trusted you. the guy is doing life in prison already, you’ve already wasted hundreds of thousands of tax payers money, might as well give him his other lawyer. how are u gonna give him the death penalty when there hasn’t been an execution in n.y. in over 30 years? what a waste of time. he’s already rotting in prison jaggoffs
men of honor are hardworking,sincere and dedicated sons,husbands and fathers,not murdering, thieving pricks
JHvoter  If he acts as his own lawyer he’ll have to change his moniker to Vinny Stupid.
FOUR LAWYERS? THREE LAWYERS? I can’t take a vacation but I have to help pay for his lawyers — my and your taxes. Go figure!
ThisIsJoeGaggs I think that Vinny just wants to get Joe Massino on the stand so he can wrap his hands around fat joe’s throat and choke him to death, what does he have to lose.
This will be a La Costra Nostra till the day I die !!!!!!!
Anthony Fiato’s response to Brooklyn
La Cosa Nostra will  never die, but they will  keep living in prison. Also, Vinny Basciano still  has  a  rat  card  to play. It can keep  him out of  the chair
Anthony Fiato aka “The Animal”