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Daily Archives: July 21st, 2009


YEARS OF PAIN: Marion Hussey leaves the court yesterday after testifying to her relationship with Stephen Flemmi.
His knees buckling and face feigning shock, a theatrical Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi cried out, “How could you ..?” when his longtime lover Marion Hussey accused him in 1986 of murdering the troubled stepdaughter he’d molested for years.
It was but one sickly soap opera scene a sobbing Hussey, now 69, testified to yesterday in federal court about her less than “Ozzie and Harriet”-idyllic relationship with the serial-killer gangster.

Their tempestuous affair spanned nearly 40 years from when Hussey met the mobster as a teen mom in 1959 to the arrest in 1995 on multiple murder charges that put him behind bars for life.

So cold-blooded was Flemmi, he wouldn’t let Hussey name him as the father of their three children on their birth certificates, she said, admitting she falsified the documents by putting down her ex-husband’s name instead.

One day in 1982, Hussey said she came home from her job at a bank to find Flemmi with Deborah Hussey, her drug-addled daughter from a short-lived marriage, “slapping her around.”

“I said to him, ‘You’ve got to get her out of here.’ That’s when she said something about (giving Flemmi oral sex). She said, ‘I’ve been doing it for years.’ ”

Four years after she ordered Flemmi out of their Milton manse for carrying on with Deborah, Hussey encountered the partner of South Boston crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger at a hospital, where their son, Stephen Hussey, was in critical condition from a head-on car crash.

“We were arguing, because that’s what we did,” said Hussey, wearing a green plaid summer dress. “I went outside to have a cigarette and he came after me. I said to him, ‘You killed my daughter.’ He was taken aback. He was in shock. He grabbed a pole, knees bent. He said, ‘How could you ..?’

It was 1986, and the remains of Deborah, whose heart stopped beating just shy of her 27th birthday when Flemmi helped Bulger strangle her to death, had already been buried in a South Boston basement for a year, sans the teeth they pulled out of her head so she couldn’t be identified.

Hussey waited 15 years for her daughter to be found.

The woman who has held funerals for most of her six children returns to the witness stand today in the wrongful-death case she and the families of victims Debra Davis and Louis Litif brought against the FBI for letting Bulger and Flemmi run amok in return for their cooperation as informants.

This woman would have done much better using Match.Com to find a suitable man.
The “Rifleman” obviously wasn’t using his “scope” when he eyed that….ah….nice lady.
How many people are dead because of the FBI/Bulger/flemmi criminal enterprise? None of organized crime could have gone on in Massachusetts since the 1960s if it was nto for the active complicity of the FBI. As astounding as that statement is, it is true. How many people were killed in prison or shrotly after they left prison by Bulger, The Flemmi brothers and their underlings? How many local police, corrections, parole and attorneys inside government were involved in this 50 year crime syndicate? And what came of all of it?
She may not have known about the death of her daughter, but she stayed with this scumbag for years and now wants to be paid for pain and suffering? As far as I’m concerned, she was part of his extended gang and deserves nothing but my contempt. None of them deserve anything.
Flemmi did a great job causing lots of misery and ruining the loves of a lot of everyday folks. They should just execute this guy. Enough oxygen molecules have been wasted on this scumbag!
Anthony Fiato response  to no mercy
Flemmi should have been put  down like a rabbid dog  by Jerry Angiulo’s North End Gang.. They  knew he was a sex fiend  freak like Ted Bundy .He was  beady-eyed  and extremely  introverted.   He had a  personality like a fuc-ing  roof shingle.   When Flemmi walked  into  a room,  things would come to a  standstill.  I heard many a wiseguy say Stevie gave them  the creeps     
 Anthony Fiato aka The Animal