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Daily Archives: July 30th, 2009


Martin Taccetta aka Marty

A reputed New Jersey mobster once charged with killing a rival with a golf club lost his bid to get a new trial.

The state Supreme Court today rejected Martin Taccetta’s argument that he received ineffective counsel when he passed up a plea bargain.

The reputed Lucchese crime family member was convicted in 1993 of racketeering and extortion but acquitted of murder in the death of Vince Craparotta. Craparotta was bludgeoned to death outside his Ocean County auto dealership.

Taccetta had argued that he would have taken the plea bargain if he had been correctly advised by his attorney.

The Supreme Court noted that Taccetta admitted he would have committed perjury if he had accepted the plea agreement.

By associated press

. I Knew both  Marty Taccetta.and his crime partner  Bucky Caravaggio   I met them through an  associate of mine from Jersey named John Di Mattia.. Marty and Bucky  were both transplants from Jersey operating  in drugs, and porn, and video pirating  out of porn Valley in Los Angeles.  They came to us many times for help.. .Funny thing , Marty had this rep with the feds as a bad guy,  but  he  was a cream puff  compared  to his barbarous brother Michael, aka  “mad dog”.. . ,  Anthony  Fiato