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Monthly Archives: August 2009


Off the screen and on to the streets … Steven Seagal: Lawman

It feels at first like a particularly well-made spoof, but after watching the trailer for lawman series    several times over and not spotting any hint of a punchline or a subtle wink to camera, you realise it’s really true. Well, that and the internet proves it. So Steven Seagal, movie star, seventh-level black belt in c and walking breezeblock has, unbeknown to the world, been working as a police officer in the outskirts of New Orleans. Not only is this a remarkable achievement – not least in keeping it secret – but could provide a good example to the rest of Hollywood. If they’re not secretly at it already, of course …

The story appears to be pretty straightforward. Twenty years ago – which would put it around the time of filming Hard to Kill, the trailer seems to be suggesting that Seagal was invited along to the Jefferson County police department to show them some useful martial arts moves – and then as way of thanks was given a badge.

So that’s fine, you think. Perhaps Steve’s been out and about on ridealongs and bolstered police-house morale with a couple of new moves every now and again; perhaps donning a uniform to go into schools and say things to kids about drugs being bad, and fighting injustice, fighting crime and just fighting – good.