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Daily Archives: September 6th, 2009

Brooklyn Restaurants-Possible Mob Connections

Sunshine for News

The place of employment for Dionisio is Lucali’s in Carroll Gardens

*Dec 05 - 00:05*

Mug shot of Dominick “Black Dom” Dionisio.

A reputed gangster is allowed to leave his house every day for a job at the famed Brooklyn  pizzeria Lucali’s – but prosecutors don’t think he’s actually working
Instead, they believe longtime Colombo crime family associate Dominick (Black Dom) Dionisio is using the dough-slinging as a cover to flout his bail conditions.

Dionisio, 39, has asked a judge to remove the electronic ankle bracelet he must wear while awaiting trial for a gangland shooting and armed robbery.

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The feds are balking – saying monitoring should be continued because it appears Dionisio is using the Carroll Gardens  foodie mecca as a social club.