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Daily Archives: September 9th, 2009

vinny Ferrara 2

Vincent “Vinny Nip’ Ferrara

Former New England Mafia captain Vincent “Vinny’’ Ferrara said he didn’t commit a crime when he borrowed money from a longtime friend who was under investigation for illegal gambling

And yesterday, a judge agreed. After a half-day, jury-waived trial in Norfolk Superior Court, Judge Kenneth Fishman found 60-year-old Ferrara not guilty of a single charge of conspiring to use a telephone for gambling persons.

“I honestly didn’t do anything wrong,’’ Ferrara said afterward, during an interview in his lawyer’s Boston office. He said he felt vindicated by the verdict because it showed he hadn’t broken his promise to stay out of trouble after he was released from federal prison four years ago.  

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Vinny “Nip” Ferrara saying he was just borrowing the money is gut-busting laughable..He told that same   whopper to the Feds when he got caught putting the arm on Brookline bookie Doc Jasper for close to a million bucks. I bet  a dollar  to a donut, Ferrara would tell you the Brinks bandits were only borrowing  the bucks  too.

Anthony Fiato aka  “Tony Rome”.