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Daily Archives: September 17th, 2009

Body Found Arms Bound

Celebrity detective Bo Dietl .


  ex-FBI mob-buster  Lindley DeVecchio

Rat John Alite

Star Rat   John Alite

More than a dozen corrupt cops – allegedly including celebrity detective Bo Dietl and a former NYPD detective-driver for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau — fed information to the mob and took part in crimes including drug dealing, armed robbery and murder, according to a blockbuster FBI report obtained by The Post.

The stunning allegations come from Gambino crime family rat John Alite, who’s expected to be the prosecution’s star witness at the upcoming racketeering and murder trial of mob scion John “Junior” Gotti.

Alite, a former Gambino associate, who allegedly helped Gotti run a drug ring in Queens, made a star appearance as a witness earlier this year in Brooklyn federal court against Gambino family hit man Charles Carneglia.

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