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Daily Archives: October 11th, 2009

*Feb 07 - 00:05*

FBI members walk Vincent Gotti, of the Gambino crime family, out of Federal plaza.

*Mar 26 - 00:05*

Undated mugshot of Vincent Gotti

Stacy Swearingen kept her mouth shut for 24 years, determined to avoid her mother’s gruesome fate: Strangled and dumped in a pile of garbage by the Gambino family.  

Now, with the slaying igniting fireworks at the trial of ex-mob boss John A. (Junior) Gotti, she’s breaking her silence to demand justice – and vengeance – in the 1985 killing.

They are all cowards who did this,” Swearingen told the Daily News. “They got away with it all these years.

“Whoever killed my mother, whoever called in the hit, whoever did the killing, I would love the death penalty for. They took her from me.”

Her mother, Robin Lynn Vitulli, was killed in 1985 while dating Junior’s uncle Vincent – a Gambino soldier and the youngest brother of John (Dapper Don) Gotti.

Swearingen, now 27, grew up hearing the rumored details of her mother’s grisly demise.

“She was at some club and got into an argument,” Swearingen recalled. “She slapped [Vincent’s brother] Peter Gotti in the face and he is the one who supposedly ordered her killed.”

The fatal slap landed inside a disco at the Kennedy Inn, a now-defunct Queens motel. Her body was discovered in a pile of trash, her legs sticking out.

Swearingen, a mother of two, grew up in the same Ozone Park neighborhood where the Gotti crew operated out of the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club.

Her father and grandmother, afraid for her life, ordered her to steer clear of the mob hangout.

“My family feared I would say something,” Swearingen recalled. “I have a temper, so they feared I would wind up like my mother. Her mouth got her killed.”

Stacy survived, although the Gottis left their mark on her. Swearingen said she was 2 years old when one of the clan burned her pinky toe with a cigarette over her mom’s drug debt.

The slaying also left her with no memories of her mother, just a few photos of the pair. Vitulli was killed at age 25.