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Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke with Chis Paciello  probably wakes up dressed for Halloween, but the Oscar-nominated bad boy still went to the trouble of donning some makeup for his Joker inspired costume.

The resurgent Nine 1/2 Weeks star was snapped Thursday night at West Hollywood nightspot Voyeur alongside wise guy socialite  Chris Paciello with Mickey Rourke
The New York Post  reported  Mickey had his mother  put up the deed to  her house  towards  Paciello’s bail in a murder beef. Paciello  was the  driver on a  house invasion in which a woman  was tragicly shot  to  death. Paciello  snitched off  a couple of Colombo Family wiseguys to get out of doing the rest of the  big time sentence he was serving for that  low life crime.
Anthony  Fiato
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