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Daily Archives: November 27th, 2009

Jailed drug boss Mityo Ochite (middle) is facing new charges over a fight in prison. Photo by BGNES

Jailed Bulgarian drug boss Dimitar Zhelyazkov has been charged over beating another prisoner, the 24 Chasa Daily reported Friday.

In 2008, Zhelyazkov, aka Mityo Ochite (“The Eyes”), became the “highest-ranking” Bulgarian mafia boss to go to jail. He got a 4,5-year term after making confessions over the leading an organized crime group involved in drug dealing.

Zlelyazkov has now been charged with hooliganism over beating another inmate – Stoyan Krastev, aka Draganovetsa, on August 6, 2009, after the two got in conflict in the fitness center of the Kazichene Prison.

After the fight, Zhelyazkov was moved to the Belene Prison in Northern Bulgaria, and Krastev – to the Bobovdol Prison to the south of Sofia