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Daily Archives: November 30th, 2009

Left to right: Paul Castellano, Gregory DePalma, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Marson, Carlo Gambino, Aladena “Jimmy the Weasel” Fratianno, Salvatore Spatola, Seated: Joseph Gambino, Richard Fusco
was 77. 

Gregory DePalma  became a “made man” in the Gambino Family  during the reign of the late Paul Castellano.  His biggest claim to Mafia fame was his presence in the famous arm-around snapshot with Big Paul Castellano, Carlo Gambino and Frank Sinatra backstage at the old Westchester Premiere Theatre
Over the years, DePalma had many superstar celebrity friends. In addition to Sinatra, they included Dean Martin, Leroy Neiman, Liza Minnelli and the great New York Giants’ center fielder, Willie Mays — with whom DePalma played golf for many years at the Westchester Country Club. a colorful, self-assured wiseguy whose loyal mob soldier status will be forever tarnished because he was suckered into proposing a Cuban-born FBI undercover agent for induction into the Gambino family, has died a lonely death behind bars.


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