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Daily Archives: March 4th, 2010

THE Lyons crime clan have bullet-proofed their luxury homes since the execution of gangland rival Kevin “Gerbil” Carroll.

The notorious family own property worth £1million in one street – dubbed the Lyons Den.

And the clan – locked in a long-running turf war with the rival Daniel family – have now beefed up security at all three houses amid fears of a revenge hit.

The Daniels blame senior Lyons figures for ordering the hit on trusted enforcer Carroll. And the Lyons are taking no chances.

Clan boss Eddie Lyons, 51, now has bulletproof glass and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras fitted to his £250,000 detached home in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow.

Further down the same street, son Eddie and daughter Ashley also have the super-strength windows fitted to their homes – opposite each other.

Eddie Jnr survived a murder bid in 2006 when he was blasted on the doorstep of his previous home.

He is believed to be out of the country but police want to speak to him amid claims he was shot three times by Gerbil – days before the drug boss was assassinated in a supermarket car park.

A neighbour said: “This place is nicknamed the Lyons Den because they live beside each other in one street.

“But their houses can be spotted a mile away because of the green bullet-proof glass on the windows and front door.

“This is a quiet neighbourhood where kids should be able to play in the street.

“But everyone is terrified a gunman’s going to turn up looking for a Lyons and the shooting starts in the street.

“I think everyone just wishes they would move on. ”

Eddie Snr, whose sons Christopher and Stephen are listed at the same address, has told pals he fears nobody – despite cops warnings that he is the No1 target for a revenge attack by the Daniels.

Last week, a Record source watched Eddie Snr spend an afternoon at his local bookies after walking a mile from his home.

A pal said: “Eddie will not run away from anything and he fears nobody.

“There is absolutely no chance he will go into hiding because someone has threatened him.

“Eddie’s as bold as brass – even walking to the bookies as if he didn’t have a care in the world.”

Carroll, 29, was murdered on January 13 this year as he sat in a Audi car outside Asda at Robroyston, Glasgow.