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Daily Archives: April 14th, 2010

A tv crew films in front of the Temptations strip club, formerly Chateau du Sexe Wednesday April 14, 2010. The club is a hangout for many dangerous underworld figures, a report from the alcohol and gaming commission states. Montreal Police enlisted the help of the Régie des Jeux and Alcools to take the extraordinary step of closing down a strip club on Ste Catherine St. downtown because they fear imminent retaliation at the establishment for the attemped assassination of gang leader Ducarme Joseph.

MONTREAL — Documents released for a Quebec liquor board hearing held to suspend the licence of a downtown strip club shed new light on what the Montreal police are focusing on in the recent shooting that left two people dead.

The Club Temptation saw its licence suspended temporarily on Tuesday because the Montreal police fear it might be the location of a retaliation to the March 18 shooting at Flawnego, a clothing boutique owned by Ducarme Joseph, alleged to be an influential street gang leader.

Joseph survived the shooting but one of his close associates was killed.

A notice issued by the Regie des Alcools, summoning the owner of the strip club to a hearing earlier this week, details how the Montreal police believe Richard Goodridge, a 41-year-old man who had past ties to Joseph, and his associates were believed to frequent the strip bar. The Montreal police went so far as to allege Goodridge, who has an extensive criminal record, unofficially became part owner of the bar in 2008 “in association with members of the Italian Mafia in Montreal.”

The owner, Joseph Vallera, agreed to the temporary suspension but denies Goodridge is a part owner of the club. In 2009, however, he confirmed to the police that Goodridge worked for the club as a promoter.

Goodridge is also described as now being Joseph’s enemy. Police sources said that investigators believe the December murder of Nicolo (Nick) Rizzuto Jr., son of reputed Montreal Mafia don Vito Rizzuto, and the apparent attempt on Joseph’s life are somehow related.

According to the author of the summons: “The control and the people who hang out at the bar create the opportunity of potential danger similar to the shooting which targeted (Joseph) at his clothing boutique.”