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Daily Archives: May 1st, 2010


Two members of notorious Los Angeles street gangs have apparently made a global trek — from the crowded streets of LA to the barren battlefields of Syria — to fight alongside forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.

The men — who identify themselves on a 2-minute video clip as “Wino” from the Westside Armenian Power gang and “Creeper” of the Surenos, a group with apparent ties to the Mexican Mafia — are seen in a war-torn, desolate area as they spot the “enemigos” a short distance away before firing in their direction.

“Still puro Surenos putting it down, homie,” Creeper tells the cameraman. “In Middle East, homie, in Syria, still gangbanging, not giving a —-, homie.”

Creeper then proudly displays his gang tattoos before referencing fellow Surenos Capone-E, Mr. Criminal from Silver Lake — a nod to the central Los Angeles neighborhood — and Crazy Loco from Pasadena, Calif.