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Daily Archives: May 9th, 2010

Actor Paul Sorvino was in Jersey City at The Barge Inn for the filming of a short film called "Lily of the Field" last Wednesday. Sorvino co-stars in the movie along with Federico Castelluccio and Tony Lo Bianco.

Actor Paul Sorvino sat outside the Barge Inn Restaurant in Jersey City and held court among fellow “wise guys” and cast members during a quick break on the set of his new flick last week.

The actor who portrayed mob boss Paul Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” was in Jersey City from Wednesday to Saturday filming an independent mafia-themed short entitled “Lily of the Feast.”

Sorvino heads a veteran cast that includes Tony Lo Bianco, as well as Federico Castelluccio of “The Sopranos.”

Set in 1970s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, “Lily of the Feast” tells the story of a bookie turned banker, played by Castelluccio, who has a rare gift for memorizing numbers.

Castelluccio’s character struggles to walk the straight and narrow as his shrewd father-in-law (Sorvino), drags him into the dealings of the local mob.

“It was a little different than most stories that deal with mob families, because it deals with a guy who’s trying to figure out who his father-in-law is,” Castelluccio told The Jersey Journal on Wednesday.

“He’s a quietly bright guy who doesn’t let on,” Sorvino said of his character. “He’s the kind of guy who plays just a neighborhood Joe but he’s actually a master planner.”

Castelluccio, who grew up in Paterson and played Italian hitman Furio Giunta on “The Sopranos,” is also directing the film.

“Directing, you have to think about everything that encompasses the entire film,” Castelluccio said. “Juggling both (acting and directing) is not the easiest thing in the world.”

Written and produced by Michael Ricigliano, the short will run under 20 minutes long, though it will be turned into a full-length feature next year.

In addition to the Barge Inn Restaurant, Ricigliano said the film will be shot at Pecoraro Bakery on Newark Avenue. “This area really captured what we were looking to do,” Ricigliano said.

Jersey City has become familiar territory for Sorvino over the years — not just for acting.

“My brothers lived here for almost 50 years and I’ve been in Jersey City many, many times,” Sorvino said. “(Jersey City’s) perfect. It’s a neighborhood location. It’s perfect.”  

 Hollywood parties, taking important meetings with Tinseltown big shots and praying for a sequel to “Goodfellas,”