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Daily Archives: May 22nd, 2010

TAKEN DOWN: Reputed Boston mobster Mark Rossetti waits to be arraigned yesterday on drug trafficking charges at Lynn District Court.

A Boston Mafia capo used his La Cosa Nostra clout to make his East Boston home a paid safe haven for heroin suppliers to conduct deals, prosecutors alleged yesterday.

Mark Rossetti, 50, considered one of a dwindling number of captains who run New England’s once-thriving Patriarca crime family, was ordered held on $250,000 cash bail after his arraignment yesterday in Lynn District Court on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges.

“His role as a capo gives him certain prominence in certain criminal circles, like drug dealing,” Essex First Assistant District Attorney John T. Dawley said.

Dawley described Rossetti as a “facilitator” paid by drug dealers to help broker and safeguard transactions. “He provided protection.”

Rossetti was busted during a raid of his Bennington Street home shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday after a two-month undercover surveillance operation. Police also arrested Robert Ciampi, 49, of East Boston, who was found hiding in a room off Rossetti’s kitchen, along with two Boston men, Henderson Martinez, 20, and Joan “Julio” Valdez, who were in a Toyota that pulled up to Rossetti’s driveway, according to a police report.

Prosecutors allege that investigators found 142 grams of heroin stashed in a hidden compartment inside the car. As part of the sting, they also searched another home in Revere, where they found $2,200 in cash, as well as 18 grams of heroin, steroids and scales, prompting the arrest of two others, Yasmani Quezada and Rose Cefalo, the report said.

The busts stemmed from carefully orchestrated search warrants that remained impounded yesterday. But according to a police report, investigators alleged that Rossetti acted as a liaison in the heroin deals. “The investigation showed that Ciampi routinely ordered heroin from Rossetti, who then contacted ‘Julio’ to place the order,” it said, adding that Valdez would transport the drugs from a Lynn home.

Lawyers for the men all refuted the charges and dismissed the prosecution’s evidence as flimsy.

“This is like a ‘Show me the money case.’ They find no accoutrements of the drug trade in his house. They don’t find any money. They simply arrest him without any evidence coming out of his house,” said Rossetti’s defense attorney, Randi Potash. “It’s like a big puffed story about all the things they suspect.”