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Daily Archives: May 30th, 2010

Irish Mob boss kinahan

Dublin’s criminal underworld was in disarray yesterday with leading gangsters reported to have fled the city as kingpin Christy Kinahan and other members of his gang — including his right-hand man John Cunningham — began appearing in court in Spain.

Notorious gangland figure “Fat” Freddie Thompson and a close associate disappeared from Dublin last Monday, less than 24 hours before the huge police operation swung into action in Spain, Belgium, Holland, Britain and Ireland. News of his disappearance caused a flurry of anxiety among the other main drugs gangs in the city who distributed drugs supplied by Kinahan’s operation.

Kinahan, his sons Daniel and Christy junior and an unnamed woman appeared at a closed hearing in court in Estepona yesterday and were remanded to prison. Kinahan’s close associate Cunningham and another Dublin man were remanded in custody after they appeared before the same court on Friday.