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Former boyfriend, DJ Ludwing Hernandez says he has also had word from Sanclemente since the scandal broke. He lives in Barranquilla, the Colombian port city famous for its carnival and as hometown of pop star Shakira. Sanclemente spent her teenage years there

Barranquilla, Colombia (CNN) She pouts her collagen-filled lips and totters on golden stilettos as she parades down the catwalk. Camera flashes pop in the shaky video recording of the photo shoot. Colombian model Angie Sanclemente is an object of desire.

Six people, four men and two women, have so far been detained. Among them a 21-year-old named only as “Maria”, who was arrested at Buenos Aires airport in December as she tried to board a flight bound for Cancun, Mexico with 55 kg (120 pounds) of cocaine. That could be worth more than $3.3 million once sold on the streets of the United States or Europe, according to estimates from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

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