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Known criminal, Stoyan Krastev aka Draganovetsa, was shot Saturday night, but is listed in the emergency "Pirogov" hospital (picte) in Sofia stable condition. Photo by Sofia Photo Agency

Bulgarian Mob figure, Stoyan Krastev aka Draganovetsa, has been shot in the heart in the vicinity of the “Lobosh” dam near the western city of Pernik.

The incident happened around 11 pm Saturday night. Police are currently conducting a second search of the area. The type of weapon used in the attack remains unknown.

Draganovetsa has been listed in the emergency hospital “Pirogov” in Sofia and his life is out of danger, doctors say.

Krastev is currently serving a 3-year jail sentence for illegal drug trafficking and illegal gun ownership, but has been released temporarily for hospital treatment. His extensive rap sheet includes the kidnapping of folk diva Toni Dacheva and a prison brawl where he got in a fight with another top underworld figure known under the alias Mityo Ochite (The Eyes).   read Source :

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