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Daily Archives: October 7th, 2010

Louis "Louie Bagel" Daidone, his daughter, Lori, was crushed when she had to cancel her nuptials

His personal credo is tattooed across his back: “Kill all the police with a shot in the head.”

But reputed Gambino crime family associate John Micali beat the rap on Thursday when he was cleared on charges of conspiring to distribute marijuana.

Prosecutors claimed Micali was linked to a marijuana smuggling plot that unraveled when Illinois state trooper stopped a truck towing a trailer and a police drug dog alerted to its contents. However, the reputed wise guy was cleared of the two drug charges this morning in Brooklyn federal court.

Micali, a convicted bank burglar, was on federal probation at the time of the pot bust.

In 2004, a federal judge ruled against the daughter of the Lucchese mob boss when she asked for Micali’s temporary jail release so the two could have a proper church wedding.

Louis “Louie Bagel” Daidone-s  daughter, Lori, was crushed when she had to cancel her nuptials at the last minute because Micali had been arrested for bank burglaries. The pair are now married.

Back in February, the Illinois troopers found several couches inside the trailer. When the cut them open they discovered some 200 pounds of marijuana.

Investigators in Illinois teamed up with the Drug Enforcement Administration  and traced the drugs back to California.

The truck’s driver was carrying a phone number, and an undercover agent posing as the driver dialed the number. It was answered by a man in New York who identified himself only as “Brooklyn.”

DEA agents and Illinois investigators then brought the truck and trailer to a pre-planned meeting point in a Target parking lot in Staten Island, while a surveillance team watched the scene.

Prosecutors argued that Micali was behind the wheel of a U-Haul van in the Target parking lot, and then panicked when he detected the undercover feds and Illinois’ investigators on their stake-out.

Micalli sped out of the lot, prosecutors claimed, leading the feds on a four-mile-long high speed chase down the Korean War Veterans Parkway at speeds ranging from 80-100 mph.

Eventually the feds caught up to Micali and found a pry bar and laundry and plastic bags in the U-Haul van they argued was to be used to cut open the couches that contained the pot, and they arrested him.

At the trial, Albert Y. Dayan, a defense attorney, argued that Micali was simply an out of work joe who had been hired to pick up a load in a U-Haul van. He claimed that Micali had no idea what he was picking up and disputed prosecutors’ assertion that he had led the feds on a chase.

The Brooklyn jury then cleared Micali of federal charges of conspiracy to possess and sell marijuana. source NY Post.  read more Here