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Daily Archives: October 8th, 2010

Soprano mobster Christopher Moltisanti, operates a pump-and-dump stock office for the crime family

 Michael Scarpaci, a  Staten Island  swindler with  Gambino Family mob ties,  heisted  a page from an  HBO series.  Scapaci ran a mob backed “boiler room” stock scam, just like the pump and dump racket seen on “The Sopranos”. Reports Ny Post

By Mirchel  Maddux

Reputed Gambino crime-family associate Michael Scarpaci, who federal prosecutors say ran the stock swindle, pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court yesterday to investment-adviser fraud.

Known as Gryphon Financial, the operation disguised itself in blue-chip trappings, with a Web site boasting of executives educated at Harvard and Penn’s Wharton School of Business.   To read the rest click Here