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Daily Archives: October 24th, 2010

Frank Sparaco (l.) is running for the stae Assembly. Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco was a cold-blooded killer, now he's in witness protection.

Frank Sparaco, a Rockland County  Republican legislator is seeking election to the state Assembly. Sparaco,  the son of Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco, a  Colombo Crime Family mob hit man, turned informant,  is running a race packed with mob money against incumbent Democrat Kenneth Zebrowski.  Reports Greg B. Smith, NY Daily News.  

 Frank Sparaco says he has nothing to do with “the life,” yet he makes much of his livelihood from those mob-connected dealerships, where he services candy and soda vending machines through his company, Pop’s Vending.

Sparaco also has gotten hundreds more campaign dollars from a company run by Michael Persico, the indicted son of the Colombo family boss .

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