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Daily Archives: October 27th, 2010

Mariano Bacio Terracino

Naples, 22 Oct. (AKI) – Antonio Bustelli, the owner of a bar where the chilling execution of a member of the mafia in Naples was captured on video last year has been arrested. Bustelli, 64, is accused of  mafia association.

On 11 May 2009, close-circuit television footage showed a paid mafia assassin shooting Mariano Bacio Terracino in the head outside of Bustelli’s bar in a neighbourhood known as a mob stronghold.

Bustelli is linked to the Naples mafia or Camorra Nisso family which operates in central Naples, according to investigators.

According to evidence given by several mafia informants, Bustelli’s bar ran an illegal gambling business, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors in October last year allowed Italian media to post the video of Bacio Terracino’s execution to the internet in the hope that witnesses would come forward to identify the killer and his accomplices.

In the shocking close-circuit television footage, the killer is seen shooting Bacio Terracino two or three times in the head outside the ‘Virgins’ bar, smiling and making a cuckold sign with his free hand before walking off as bystanders look on.

Bacio Terracino’s alleged killer, Costanzo Apice, was captured in October last year in the coastal town of Castel Volturno, 35 kilometres northwest of Naples.

Apice is due to go on trial in December for Bacio Terracino murder.

Bacio Terracino served 10 years in jail for his involvement in the 1977 kidnapping of Guido De Martino, who later became an MP for the former Italian Communist party.

He was also tried as suspect in the killing of Naples mafia member Gennaro Moccia, but was acquitted.

Bacio Terracino reportedly had a liaison with the girlfriend of a jailed mobster and investigators were also probing the possibility that he ordered Bacio Terracino’s murder. Reports Adnkronos    Video