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Daily Archives: November 5th, 2010

Silvio Berlusconi


In a last-ditch attempt to save his government, Italy beleaguered Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has blamed the mafia for the latest sex scandal, claiming the underworld had framed him in reprisal for the recent police successes.

“No one today can rule out with certainty that certain things that are happening are not the fruits of an underworld vendetta,” the Guardian quoted Berlusconi as telling his party leaders at a meeting on Thursday.

“In what other country in the world would the head of the government have to defend himself against a barrage of made-up stories?” he asked.

The 74-year-old, besieged as never before by sex and drug allegations, also dismissed the claims against him as ‘made-up stories’. To read more Click here: Silvio Berlusconi blames mafia for latest sex scandal  

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