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Frank Locascio aka "Frankie Loc"

Frank (Frankie Loc) Locascio, who was convicted in the most celebrated mob trial of his generation and sentenced to life in prison, says he has just remembered an important detail about a 1989 tape-recorded talk he had with John Gotti.

The good thing about this sudden recollection is that he says it totally exonerates him and should set him free.

The proof of his innocence, says Locascio, is hidden away in the single-most devastating piece of evidence that prosecutors used to convict the late Dapper Don and send him to a lonely death behind bars – a fate that the ailing 78-year-old gangster is desperately seeking to avoid. Writes Jerry Capeci for Huffingron Post.

 In court papers Frankie Loc claims that the tell-tale evidence is contained in the same December 12, 1989 tape-recorded conversation that prosecutors used to convict Gotti of three murders that the Mafia boss admitted during a long and angry tirade against his wayward underboss, Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano. 

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