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Daily Archives: November 10th, 2010

ABC7 Photo: Michael Sarno


Jury began selection  Wednesday in the trial of Chicago Outfit boss Michael ‘The Large Guy’ Sarno and four mob associates. 

Looking more svelte than the last time the ITeam spoke to him, Sarno flashed a hand signal with what was either the peace sign or a “V” for victory as he left the courtroom for a light lunch break.

The 52-year-old Westchester resident faces heavy charges that he supervised a 2003 bombing in Berwyn. The target was a business that was competing against the mob’s wildly popular — and illegal — video poker trade. Writes Chuck Goudie.

Standing trial with Sarno are 86-year-old Samuel Volpendesto; his son, Anthony; Mark Polchan, an admitted member of the Outlaws biker gang; and Casey Szaflarski, who allegedly ran illegal gambling operations   To read full story  Click here: Mob’s Michael ‘The Large Guy’ Sarno sheds pounds for federal court bout |

Ap also reports  Click here: The Associated Press: Chicago trial promises peek inside modern-day mob