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Daily Archives: November 12th, 2010

Robert J. Dussault, a high-caliber heist-man, claimed infamous New England Mafia boss, Raymond Patriarca,  gave the okay for  Dussault and his crew of bandits to rob the Patriarca mob’s secret stash of millions in cash, gold,  jewelry, and rare gems– and split the score with Patriarca– who was robbing from his own bookies and wiseguys.  It was the biggest heist in Rhode Island history called “The Bonded Vault robbery”. Great story written by Tim White, WPRI.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Barbara Oliva looked down the shiny steel barrel of the .38 special, and had one simple question for the man at the other end.

“Are those real bullets in that gun?”

The ‘s rgunmanesponse: “Are you a [expletive] comedian?”

The bullets most certainly were real, and Oliva was about to become part of one of the greatest mob heists in U.S. history – the Bonded Vault robbery.

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