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Daily Archives: November 16th, 2010

Jerry Capeci, for Huffinton post gives an inside and  insightful  look into the Family business of New York Mafia boss, Vincent Chin Gigante– and the Genovese mob controlled New Jersey waterfront

The only time that Vincent (Chin) Gigante and John Gotti ever talked business as rival Mafia bosses, Chin made sure to tell Gotti how surprised and saddened he was to learn that the Dapper Don was going to induct his son into the Gambino crime family.

Twenty-two years later, it’s clear that while Gigante frowned on bringing his sons into “the life” that he and Gotti had chosen, the legendary Genovese family boss made sure that his sons and his entire extended family would share in the riches of his gangster life long after he was gone.

So, as John (Junior) Gotti tries to sell his life story in an effort to maintain his lifestyle, Gigante’s relatives are earning about $2 million a year as gainful employees of companies on the New Jersey waterfront, Gang Land discloses in this special report.

To read Full Story  Click here: Jerry Capeci: Gigante Family Earns Nearly $2 Million a Year on the Waterfront