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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Michael "the Big Guy" Sarno leaves the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse

A cagey Michael (the Large Guy)  Sarno was well-aware federal agents were hot on his trail for years, and he didn’t make their work easy, according to testimony Monday as the trial of the reputed mob boss and four others entered a third week.

FBI Special Agent Courtenae Troutman outlined the surveillance operation she supervised starting in 2006, three years before Sarno was charged with racketeering conspiracy.

Agents mounted a video camera on a lamppost outside a Berwyn pawnshop where prosecutors allege Sarno’s co-defendant Mark Polchan sold stolen merchandise and plotted a string of jewelry store robberies. Inside the shop, investigators planted three hidden microphones and a video camera.

In 2007, an FBI agent sneaked into the store and carried out a bag of minced paper from Polchan’s shredder. Two FBI experts testified about how the FBI is able to reconstitute shredded material.

Sarno appeared to be aware of the more low-tech efforts to keep tabs on him. Troutman said her subordinates reported he was a hard man to follow.

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