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Jerry Capeci for Huffington Post writes about ILA union powerhouse Nunzio La Grasso, who was shaking down members of his own union . He was busted for Rico violations that included extortion,  loan sharking, and money-laundering

By Capeci 

A top International Longshoremen’s Association official lost his $256,000 annual salary this year when he was arrested for committing crimes on the waterfront. But the suspended ILA vice president, Nunzio LaGrasso, still has a dozen family members earning a very nice living as waterfront workers, Gang Land has learned.

Until April, when he was charged with shaking down his own union members for extortion payoffs, the tarnished union leader and his brood were running neck-and-neck with family members of the late Mafia boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante whose soaring waterfront earnings were revealed in recent hearings by the newly re-energized Waterfront Commission of New York and New Jersey. To read More  Click here: Jerry Capeci: ILA Vice Prez Busted; Docks Still Treat His Family $$$well

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